Reinventing Organizations, Frederic Laloux

This is a very interesting and inspiring book that describes a new way of thinking, communication and management. Lots of examples suggest the idea that such companies have to become mainstream ones, because they seem to be more efficient theoretically. And this efficiency can be done due to the percentage increase of workers that really create products. The elimination of a multi-level hierarchical management structure should make the company more flexible. However, the creation of such structures is possible unless the founders have not a sufficient level of development. In addition, it is not clear how to solve the whole amount of possible problems. The book is quite thick and takes a long time to study. The color set used in the book differs from the Spiral Dynamics theory set, though the Spiral Dynamics theory set is taken as the basis for explaining the arising of such companies. This inconsistency can be confusing for the reader who sees the presentation of this theory for the first time.

I rate it: 8/10