Exchange trading

I have been taking interest in the exchange for a long time. This field fascinates me for various reasons. On the one hand, it is a challenge – only a small percentage of traders really earn money. In the book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” author compares the trader’s behavior on the stock exchange with the soldier’s behavior on the battlefield – both must make quick and tough decisions under conditions of constant stress and danger. There is not much risk remained in our daily life. Lots of people avoid risk, and some of them do it mindlessly. There is no place for both on the stock exchange. Risk management is one of the main skills that you need to master in order to survive on the exchange.

The exchange is a battleground of greed and fear. To achieve success, firstly you are to win all your greed and fear, and learn to control your own emotions.

On the other hand, it is a field where many spheres of human knowledge coexist: mathematics and psychology, politics and economics, computer science and history. Technical and fundamental analysis is required to understand the price dynamics that include tracking political and economic news, analyzing indicators and graphs, etc.

But ultimately everything goes in very simple ways: up or down. And it is not necessary to dive into all the details that I described above in order to trade. Everyone in this activity can find just what he wants: a game or a job, suffering or euphoria, new knowledge or adrenaline. Everything depends on the person himself.